about Me

I specialize in creating jewelry using various techniques. I also love to create designer figurines, art dolls, jewelry boxes and books of shadows.


The materials I work with are silver, bronze, polymer clay and crystals.


I give polymer clay great respect and unchanging love. This material helps me to create not just jewelry, but real story compositions. Each product is a little fairy tale, a story rooted in ancient civilizations, myths and legends.


More than anything, I love to experiment. And most often my experiments are manifested in the search for new techniques, interesting textures and colors when creating pendants, necklaces and brooches. Over the years of searching, I have chosen several of my favorite techniques and directions. Such as sculptural miniatures, organics and symbolism.


One of the most important factors for me is that the decoration carries a semantic load. and most often a protective function. That is why I love to create talismans, amulets, magic rings, totems. Here you will often see references to runic magic.


My name is Elena Osadchaya. I was born and raised in one of the oldest cities in Europe, in the capital city of Kiev. My city is my inspiration. Every time I walk through the ancient streets, I see him new, mystical, but so dear. In Kiev, I received an art and music education. My workshop and showroom are located in the historic part of the city. on Andreevsky Spusk. It is here that the very first process of making jewelry begins - a flight of fantasies and ideas.