A little about runes

Runes are an ancient Scandinavian script. Each letter in the Scandinavian runic alphabet had its own name and meaning. The Scandinavians themselves believed that the runes have powerful energy and great strength, so they used them for fortune telling and protection.




Since I use these symbols quite often in my work and in creating jewelry, I want to present you with a brief summary of each of them. Using this information, you can independently choose a rune ring or pendant for yourself, depending on the request that interests you.



Rune of ownership. The key word is happiness, prosperity, success, wealth, values, movable property. The rune of prosperity and prosperity, the fulfillment of desires. This ensures success in every sense, ensures further development and growth of what has been achieved.



Rune of strength. Key words - perseverance, persistence, power, initiative, health. Uruz destroys old obsolete forms, coming into our life as a sign of strength, natural power and transformation. Where there is strength, there is no stagnation. The sign can also testify to success as a result of the action of this force. 




.The key word is thorn, gate, power, not action - action, active defense. Turisaz is a personal choice and responsibility of each person. This is meditation, a deep study of the situation, introspection, the search for the only correct solution. Having made your choice, you should act quickly, leaving behind fear and doubt.



The key word is thought, speech, understanding, wisdom, inspiration. Runa Ansus is the receipt of gifts, someone's appearance or news from someone, the receipt of new knowledge. The appearance of this rune recommends being sensitive and wise, paying attention to the signs. Ansus assumes constant development and training.



The key word is road, way. These are various travels and movements. This rune of development and movement at all levels of being, overcoming difficulties. Get started, trust the changes, don't hesitate.



A very powerful rune. Key words - torch, energy, passion, sexuality, transformation, embodiment of the plan. The appearance of this rune speaks of a powerful surge of energy, which matured for a certain time and went into disclosure. The rune Kenaz favors any realization, changes the worldview, views, however, its power and swiftness should be taken into account.



The key word is partnership, cooperation. The sign indicates union in various forms. If you strive for a successful completion of a business that interests you, know that success here is associated precisely with joint, partner activities. If you have asked for advice, the advice is to strive for unification, mindful of the need for freedom.



The key word is joy, luck, perfection. Rune Vunyo is a symbol of joy and pleasure. In all respects, it is a kind and positive sign. Under the sign of Vunyo, life is arranged in the best way, joyful events and changes practically without our participation.



The rune of destruction, uncontrolled natural processes, unpredictable events, catastrophes and revolutions. Hagalaz destroys with its energy, makes you abandon the usual and go in a different direction, starting from a blank slate, experiencing a feeling of loss and parting with the past. Having destroyed the old, the new enters life and it depends on the person how he will accept, what place he will take in the changed world.



The key word is difficulties, need, necessity, poverty. The appearance of this sign says that the time has come for the necessary restrictions and discipline, when development (growth) is slowed down or impossible. This is a test of endurance through patience, endurance, self-control. It is important not to despair and not give up, this period will end, and patience and work will grind everything.


 Isa .

The key word is ice, freeze, stop. The rune denotes the termination of all processes. Isa often implies an obstacle that should not be overcome. She recommends rest, rest, refraining from action and irritation. Observe what is happening from the outside, reflect, allow yourself to be inert, take a pause to accumulate strength for the further path.


 Jera .

Key words - year, harvest, repetition, cycle. This is the rune of completion, harvesting, an assessment of the result of previously invested efforts. Hyera symbolizes the cyclical process of safe development, but steady development, gives wisdom and experience.


 Eihwaz .

The key word is interconnection, interaction, assistance in overcoming obstacles. The rune is also ambiguous, you can call it as the unity and struggle of opposites, a combination of the incongruous. The rune of deep synthesis, transformation and metamorphosis. Combining logic and intuition, combining activity and passivity, the right decisions and the right directions are chosen.



The key word is search, mystery, intuition. The rune of dedication and secret knowledge radically changes the consciousness and inner world of a person. In a practical sense, Perth means receiving hidden information, the appearance of new people who can significantly affect the personal plan, the return of the lost, the search for objects.



The key word is protection, patronage, friendship. Auspicious, good passive protection rune that protects and warns of danger. To this day, quite often Algiz is used for amulets and amulets. This rune gives calmness, attention, sensitivity and flexibility, has a positive effect on the person's environment, attracting friends and patrons into life.



Key values ​​are sun, light, vitality, love, energy, self-realization. This is the rune of success, victory, volitional actions. It also symbolizes good health, good luck, inspiration. This rune helps in performing any task, makes a person strong, confident and powerful.



The key word is victory, fortitude, courage. This is the rune of warriors, defenders, pioneers. Teyvaz reveals the process of rivalry, competitive struggle, active confrontation, defending one's interests. Teyvaz is also the ability to take risks, take responsibility for oneself, take an active life position, and be brave.




Keyword - growth, birth, fertility, enlargement, femininity, motherhood. This is a very soft, gentle, delicate rune, embodying the image of maternal love and protection, peace, meekness and humanism. Berkana means birth, steady growth and harmonious development.



Ключевое слово - поступательное движение, счастливые перемены, прогресс, сдвиг с мертвой точки, скорость. Эваз благоприятная положительная руна предлагает в жизнь свежие идеи и открывает новые горизонты и перспективы, открывает новые горизонты и перспективы, переводит на другой уровень.



The key word is me, ego, person, personality. This is the rune of your own I, personal identification. Mannaz assumes inner honesty, self-knowledge, self-improvement, self-study in order to find your place in the world.



Key words - water, flow, penetration, emotions, intuition. Runa Laguz gives the ability to feel, the ability to be flexible and adaptive at all levels of being, reveals talents and increases creativity. When making decisions, listen to your intuition, trust your inner voice.



Key words - abundance, well-being, fertility, realization, reward. A very strong and auspicious rune. Inguz is vitality, potential, easy problem solving, transition to a qualitatively new level, success and luck.



Key words - family, clan, property, inheritance, home, territory. The rune is focused on protecting the clan, family, property. Runes both the receipt of real estate and the transfer of the spiritual heritage, traditions of the clan, family.



Key words - day, breakthrough, transformation. The rune denotes rapid and decisive changes, dramatic transformations, a quantum leap. Dagaz is a rune of action, courage, presupposes a high awareness of a person and trust in change.