What is "custom order".

If you want an exclusive item, the only one in the world, adapted for you, then it's time to think about an individual order.


Let's say you need a totem talisman with a special animal and certain symbols. Either you want something to be done especially for you or for your loved ones that will be associated with some important event or memory. Or maybe you want to make a special engagement ring according to your sketch or maybe the wedding rings are not like everyone else's?

How to arrange

To place an individual order, please fill out the form.


An example of an idea description: "Hello. I want to order a pendant (necklace, ring, notebook, etc.) made of polymer clay (silver, bronze) in the shape of a wolf (chanterelle, cat ...) with a stone (tourmaline, garnet, chrysolite etc)

Size 3 (4 5 6) cm. Try to describe your color preference (if the item is in color).


Based on your description, I will ask you leading questions and clarifications.

Manufacturing process.

After we have decided on the idea. I'm going to start drawing a schematic sketch (in the event that you do not provide your own).

The schematic sketch explains the compositional solution of the product.


When we decide on a sketch, you make a 20% advance payment and I start working.


Terms are discussed individually and on a first come, first served basis. It usually takes 14-20 business days for production.